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Jeanette  Mallory

We are inspired daily by the love of individual style and soulful expressions whether from art or words... or humor.  I mean, who doesn't love to laugh.  If it's edgy, funny, soulful, or tells a story... we want to put it to print. We hope our designs inspire you to "LIVE, LOVE, & WEAR IT"!  Every tee has a story.  "BRING YOUR STORY TO LIFE!"

Thank you for checking out our wholesale products!  We love creating these pieces almost as much as we love seeing them on our customers!   

Co-Owner/Founder, Jeanette (the designing guru) is a true entrepreneur. She has founded 3 successful businesses and loves watching her dreams become reality.  She is passionate about bringing designs and words to life. Her style tends to be a fun, retro, western, or vintage style.
    Co-owner, Mallory (the smart one) is quiet, yet fierce. With two sons at the shop with us most days, this momma is ready to work! She truly keeps the business side smooth sailing!
      Lemon Lorraine's LLC
      Jeanette & Mallory 

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      This Is Us

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